ANTG produce exclusive high-quality cannabinoid based medicinal treatments that can meet individual patient needs. We combine a strong research focus with best in class cultivation and extraction methods to develop cannabinoid medicines.

Our team has witnessed first-hand the power of medicinal cannabis in relieving chronic and debilitating disease symptoms in areas where traditional treatments lack efficacy and or have significant side effects. It’s these personal experiences that motivated us to establish our company in 2015.

Our passion for the plant underpins our focus on putting the needs of patients first – and we believe, as an independent company, that we are uniquely positioned to achieve more and be more for the benefit of humanity.

    Our people

    Our team is motivated by the possibilities and health benefits that medicinal cannabis offers.

    Led by a board of skilled commercial leaders our team also includes experienced horticulturists, scientific researchers and medical advisors.

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    Matt Cantello Matt Cantello
    Matt Cantelo
    Chief Executive Officer & Founder

    Matt leads the ANTG team. A former director and COO of one of the world’s leading travel management companies, Matt helped guide the business to IPO in 2010. Since then Matt has been investing in and advising various successful ventures across a number of sectors including technology, security, social media, real estate, nutrition and fitness.

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    James Gaskell - ANTG James Gaskell - ANTG
    James Gaskell
    Chief Operating Officer

    James oversees the business operations and corporate development of ANTG. With an executive leadership background in the travel, technology and advertising industries, James has led brands, projects and operational initiatives globally in travel, IT, automotive, CPG, finance, beauty and manufacturing. James also serves as an investor and board advisor to a number of businesses in security technology, travel distribution, talent management and recruitment. James is a board member of the Australian Medical Cannabis Association.

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    Rangi Faulder - ANTG Rangi Faulder - ANTG
    Rangi Faulder
    Global Director, Cultivation Research & Development

    Rangi worked in aquaculture for over a decade until 2015 when he followed his calling to help create a medical cannabis industry in Australia. Rangi then obtained a hemp research license, a cultivation facility, and began to selectively breed for specific cannabinoid profiles suitable for therapeutic use. Rangi has tested several hundred plants using high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). He is also trained and experienced in the operation of super critical Co2 resin extraction equipment.

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    Jarrad Dale - ANTG Jarrad Dale - ANTG
    Jarrad Dale
    Eve Hemp Projects

    Jarrad brings a strong background in construction, project management, strategy and negotiation, underpinned by experience in horticulture and high-tech farming. Jarrad has developed numerous industry contacts in international hemp markets. He has also built extensive experience in best-practice facility design and hemp cultivation techniques.

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    Dr Teresa Nicoletti - ANTG Dr Teresa Nicoletti - ANTG
    Dr. Teresa Nicoletti
    Legal Counsel

    Dr Teresa Nicoletti is a Partner in the Intellectual Property, Health and Life Sciences team at Mills Oakley. She is both a lawyer and a scientist with 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries in Australia and New Zealand and has also worked across a number of other product-related industries, including food, cosmetics, veterinary pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and industrial chemicals. Teresa is regarded as Australia’s leading expert in medicinal cannabis law and was the Lawyers Weekly Partner of the Year in Health in 2017 and 2016.  She is also ranked as a Band 1 lawyer in the Life Sciences category in Chambers Asia Pacific 2018.


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    Justin Sinclair
    Chief Scientific Officer

    Justin has been researching medicinal plants since 1998 and has been heavily involved in various medicinal cannabis education programs since 2017. An adjunct research fellow at NICM Health Research Institute at Western Sydney University, he has published on the topics of cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, and presented over 100 lectures on cannabis since 2016.

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    Beatriz Garabelli
    General Manager, Commercial

    Beatriz has a strong background in an interdisciplinary field of Engineering and Engineering Management. During her career she has developed core skills in sales, strategic planning, operations, financial planning and business analysis in leadership roles in the US, South America and Asia Pacific.
    Her experience in the local medicinal cannabis industry is crucial to deliver on our vision of providing high quality Australian-grown medicinal cannabis products at an affordable price.
    Beatriz is in charge of achieving our commercial goals while remaining focused on understanding the massive therapeutic potential of medicinal cannabis and bringing that benefit to the community.

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    Munesh Subash
    Senior Director, Quality & Regulatory Affairs

    Munesh has an extensive background in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Clinical Practices (GCP) and Commercial Quality in both Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. At ANTG, Munesh leads the Quality and Regulatory Affairs (QRA) teams. This involves ensuring strong quality and regulatory compliance throughout the company, including in-process controls and validations, as well as managing all aspects of licencing and registrations of ANTG products and sites.

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    Matt Dewar
    General Manager

    Matt holds a science degree in sustainable resource management and marine biology and specialises in plant breeding. Working across the hemp and medicinal cannabis industry, Matt has gained a diverse experience in cultivation, harvesting and propagation. As General Manager of ANTG’s Research Facility, Matt leads the research team in their cultivation and breeding program.

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    Jim Cameron
    General Manager

    Jim is General Manager of ANTG’s Cultivation and Manufacturing Facility. He has extensive experience in the agriculture, horticulture and real estate industries as an owner, manager and investor. A knowledge-base in horticultural processes, engineering and design, qualifications in the fields of electronics and electrical theory, as well as a deep understanding of holistic planning and construction, catalyse Jim’s ability to design and construct horticultural facilities and manage production.

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    Duncan Simpson
    Senior Propagator

    Originally from Tamworth NSW, Duncan recently worked in medical cannabis cultivation at Tilray in Canada. His passion for increasing the quality of people’s lives combined with a diverse experience in technology, retail and hospitality industries has equipped him with a strong foundation to lead and monitor the quality of ANTG’s cannabis products.

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    Daniel Grono
    Greenhouse Manager

    Daniel is a Greenhouse Manager at ANTG and holds a Bachelor of Agriculture from the University of New England, majoring in General Agricultural Production. His horticulture experience ranges from market garden production to bush regeneration. And with over 15 years of financial services, Daniel also brings a sound business acumen, strong process and people management, and risk management to the ANTG team.

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    Cannabis Research Licence

    Issued by the Australian Office of Drug Control, this licence permits the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis for research purposes.

    Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation & Manufacturing Licences

    Issued by the Australian Office of Drug Control, these licences authorise the cultivation, production and manufacture of medicinal cannabis.

    Medicinal Cannabis Export Licence

    Issued by the Australian Office of Drug Control, Drug Control Section, this licence permits the export of GMP manufactured, registered medicinal cannabis products to countries compliant with the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961.

    Medicinal Cannabis Import Licence

    Issued by the Australian Office of Drug Control, Drug Control Section, this licence permits the importation of medicinal cannabis products to countries, subject to international drug conventions.

    Schedule 8 Licence

    Issued by the NSW Ministry of Health, this licence authorises the wholesale supply of therapeutic goods for human consumption, that are included in the schedule 8 controlled drugs of the NSW poisons list.

    Hemp Production Licence

    Issued by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, this licence permits the cultivation and supply of low-THC hemp for research, manufacturing and commercial purposes.


    Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

    Verification from the Therapeutic Goods Administration that our medicinal cannabis products meet the highest pharmaceutical quality standards worldwide.

    Good Agricultural & Collection Practices (GACP)

    Independent accreditation that our greenhouse facility adheres to strict quality standards in the cultivation, collection and harvesting of medicinal cannabis flower.

    Australian Made, Australian Grown

    Certification from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry that our medicinal cannabis and hemp products are cultivated and manufactured in Australia.


    Global Cannabis Partnership

    With representation from government, private-sector and affiliate organisations, the Partnership promotes the safe and responsible production, distribution and consumption of legal cannabis.

    Medical Cannabis Council

    Australia’s peak national industry association representing cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, ancillary organisations, education and advocacy groups, researchers and more.

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    From tiny seeds to refined medicines, ANTG is committed to quality control at every step of the cultivation, extraction and production process. Our Australian facilities use world-leading processes to ensure optimal quality. This includes chemical-free CO2 extraction, high-performance liquid and gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, cutting-edge distillation tools and complete traceability through the end-to-end production process.

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    Extraction - medicinal cannabis - australiannatural.com
    At our state-of-the-art growing facility we cultivate primarily under the natural sun, with supplemental lighting. We grow in 100% recyclable stone wool, an all-natural, bountiful medium with water saving properties which allows for greater root access to nutrients and air leading to healthier more productive plants. We focus on quality and sustainability and cultivate without harmful chemical pesticides
    We operate a residue-free extraction process performed with waters super critical carbon dioxide extraction equipment. In-house sampling, combined with third party screening by Pharmalytics, ensure our products are consistently of high-quality and hygiene. We use microbial and mycotoxin screening, cannabinoid profiling and quantification of cannabinoids using GC and thin light chromatography.
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    Extraction - medicinal cannabis - australiannatural.com

    ANTG’s Eve Cannabis product reveals its potential to kill or inhibit cancer cells without impacting normal cells…


    ANTG has listed two new THC-dominant medicinal cannabis strains on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG).


    In conjunction with the HMRI and lead biomedical scientist Dr Matt Dun, we’re investigating the anticancer properties of our plant varieties. Dr Matt Dun shares his initial thoughts on the joint research project.


    We’re thrilled to announce we have received our export licence from the Drug Control Section of the ODC (Office of Drug Control). We’re firmly on course to continue to lead the way and be the first medicinal cannabis company in Australia to export cannabis flower to the EU since export was legalised in 2018.



    We ensure that all of our processes are environmentally friendly, and have procedures to ensure compliance with our carbon footprint policy. Our facilities are equipped with green water systems and specialised waste treatment procedures. At ANTG, we assume responsibility for the community at large and not just our customers. We only use ethically responsible products – no compromise.