Bloomberg are among many experts that predict the global medical cannabis market could be worth more than US$130 billion by 2029. Following suit of the global medical cannabis market, the Australian medicinal cannabis market is beginning to take flight.

ANTG leading the way in Australia

At Australian Natural Therapeutics Group, we are uniquely well-positioned to supply the domestic market and become the first medicinal cannabis company in Australia to export cannabis flower for commercial purposes to the EU, having received the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification which certifies our medicinal cannabis meets the highest pharmaceutical quality standards worldwide, together with a permit for commercial cultivation granted by the Office of Drug Control and license from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

We are also proud to have recently become the first Australian member of the Global Cannabis Partnership. The GCP is an international initiative that focuses on the establishment of worldwide corporate social responsibility (CSR) standards and informed consumption of legal cannabis.

Our Values

What sets ANTG apart is our focus on quality, expertise and investment in research and development. We adhere to strict specialist standards and QC at every step of the cultivation, extraction and production process to ensure optimal quality and maximum medicinal benefit, with upgraded innovative cultivation facilities exceeding Australian standards. Our research partners include the University of Newcastle and the National Institute for Complementary Medicines at Western Sydney University amongst many others – together we progress to further strengthen the position of medicinal cannabis through continuous research and development.

“Research and development is at the core of this company, and we see it as our responsibility to provide robust evidence to healthcare professionals and the public. The body of evidence is extraordinary and it’s growing every single day.” – Matt Cantelo, Founder and CEO of ANTG.

Our Vision

Here at ANTG our overarching goal is to develop evidential and technological capabilities to instantly identify the right strain and dose of medical cannabis for general wellbeing, to treat specific health conditions, and develop preventive therapies. Our team is united in their ambition to change lives through medical cannabis. Join us on our journey.


    Research news

    In the first 12 months we expect to see two tonnes plus in export. Exportation will begin to Germany, where we have signed a 10-year supply contract with Cannamedical Pharma.


    The Morrison government is prioritising the medicinal cannabis industry and from September the Office of Drug Control will fast track new licences for all projects that have a big impact on exports, jobs or industry growth. 


    In an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes, Olivia Newton-John, Australian actress who is recovering from her third breast cancer continues to credit medical cannabis with helping her manage not only the pain, but also sleep and anxiety.


    The latest national survey from Chronic Pain Australia found that more than a third of respondents said, after discussing medicinal cannabis as a pain treatment with their GP that they faced difficulty when it came around to the approval process.


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