We believe that all Australians should be able to benefit from high-quality, locally-produced prescription medicines that have been created to the highest possible standard.

We know that no two patients are alike, and we are committed to developing unique strains and exclusive cannabinoid products to meet individual needs.

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    Often referred to as ‘medical marijuana’ or ‘medical cannabis’, medicinal cannabis is a term used to describe the use of the cannabis plant and its derivative extracts for therapeutic benefits. The term ‘cannabinoid’ refers to compounds found in the cannabis plant, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) – which can provide medicinal relief.

    therapeutic use of medicinal cannabis

    In the past 20 years, there has been increasing international focus on the medical potential of cannabis. Today, substantial evidence now exists demonstrating the efficacy of certain forms of cannabis as a treatment option for various medical conditions.

    Current potential uses of cannabis (as adjunctive therapy or second line treatment) include1,2:

    • for the relief of severe nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy
    • for the relief of pain associated with, for example cancer or neuropathy
    • to stimulate appetite in AIDS and cancer patients
    • to improve spasticity due to multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury
    • to reduce the incidence of seizures in treatment-resistant epilepsy in children and young adults

    However, the therapeutic use of cannabis is under investigation for many, many more conditions.

    1. National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre. The use of cannabis for medical purposes. Bulletin series 18. Randwick: NCPIC; 2014.
    2. The Epilepsy Society of Australia. Marijuana and its derivatives in the treatment of epilepsy [position statement]
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    Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

    Following the lead of countries like Canada and Israel, Australia legalised the cultivation of medicinal cannabis in early 2016. This legislation change, welcomed by thousands of patients with chronic and painful conditions, will advance scientific research into the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoid-based medical treatments – and will build the foundations of a commercial medical cannabis industry through a national licensing and permit scheme.

    accessing Medicinal Cannabis

    Medicinal cannabis can only be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner.

    Before prescribing medicinal cannabis, the doctor will assess each patient to decide if the treatment is appropriate for their condition and individual circumstances.

    For specific information for doctors on how to access medicinal cannabis products in Australia, please read this resource created by the Therapeutics Goods Administration.



    At ANTG, we are dedicated to discovering and delivering the future of natural health and wellbeing.

    Our team of master growers and plant scientists have years of experience, producing consistent high-volume yields of exceptional-quality medicinal cannabis. Our deep-rooted history in hemp cultivation means we understand the ideal plant harvest windows through cannabinoid profiling.

    Our Australian home base uses best-in-class cultivation, extraction and laboratory processes – which not only guarantees superior quality and medicinal benefit, but also makes the process as clean and environmentally friendly as possible.

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    our strains

    Our mastery in cannabis means we have the skill and experience to produce medicinal cannabis with a variable ratio of CBD and THC – tailoring treatments to the patient.

    The ratio of CBD and THC can be varied to create three strains of cannabis which are;

    • Strain 1- CBD high: THC low
    • Strain 2- CBD low: THC high
    • Strain 3- CBD=THC

    We continue to search for high THC varieties, as well as breed exclusive strains, to deliver personalised medicines customised for different diseases and symptoms.

    Our CEO and founder, Matt Cantelo has met with the business editor at The Sydney Morning Herald to discuss the future of medicinal cannabis in Australia, ANTG’s export plans and company’s current investments into research.


    A story of six year old Cooper who has been diagnosed with Epilepsy two years ago. After trying a range of traditional medications over the years with very little success, Cooper’s parents decided to start on medicinal product to help him with seizures that have eventually stopped.


    To help Australian patients easily access the best quality medicinal cannabis, Greg Hunt, the health minister has launched Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia. The role of this newly created industry body will be to ensure that medicinal cannabis products achieve the highest standards to meet patients’ individual needs.


    Perth’s first medicinal cannabis clinic has been opened in Subiaco. This clinic is the fourth location in Australia and has been set up to streamline access to medicinal cannabis and help to speed up the application process.


    We are focused on research and development, partnering with leading scientists and medical institutions to develop cannabinoid medicines that offer safe and effective therapeutic benefits.