Jun 2019
In recent years, Australia has undergone a surge in interest and awareness around the medical potential of cannabis, as well as the people and patients it can benefit.

Thanks to advancements in scientific research, today evidence exists demonstrating its efficacy in treating the symptoms of the illnesses affecting millions of Australians and patients all over the world. As a leading organisation within Australia’s medicinal cannabis industry, we have first-hand experienced the significant improvement in Australia’s knowledge and education around medicinal cannabis – particularly around serious diseases such as cancer and neuropathy-related pain relief, epilepsy seizures, appetite stimulation in AIDS and cancer patients as well as chemotherapy-attributed nausea.

As a team of committed researchers, growers and industry experts, we share a responsibility to contribute towards the health education of our people, our patients, our practitioners, and our nation. Today, we aim to improve and extend education beyond medicinal cannabis in treating chronic illness and disease, and acknowledge the lesser known uses of medicinal cannabis.

CBD has, and continues to be, studied and recognised worldwide for its effectiveness in treating more extremely common health issues and disorders faced by many people in their day to day lives. Here, we spotlight one of these health issues – CBD and the treatment of anxiety.

Medicinal Cannabis [CBD] and Anxiety

The World Health Organisation states that depression is the single largest contributor to disability worldwide, while anxiety disorders are ranked sixth. In Australia alone, Beyond Blue reports that 1-in-5 Australians experience mental health challenges in any given year, while almost 1-in-2 will deal with a mental health condition during their lifetime. Generalised Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is one of the most common anxiety conditions with impairment in social life.

Numerous research studies and patient case studies, both nationally and internationally, have demonstrated that CBD has shown great promise as a treatment for anxiety, improving the lives of many who live with such disorders. It’s stance as a safer alternative to pharmaceutical treatments such as benzodiazepines which can cause dependency, complicated side effects and substance abuse, continues to gain interest and spark new research across the globe.

CBD and Anxiety Research

Research published by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), is just one example study that examines the effects of CBD on anxiety disorders. This research investigates cannabidiol [CBD] and its association in reducing the anxiety induced by simulated public speaking in treatment-naïve social phobia patients. The study involved comparing the effects of a simulation public speaking test on participants who pretreated with CBD, and those who didn’t.

An hour and a half before the test commenced, the participants of the study were given either 600 mg of CBD, or a placebo.

The results

Pretreatment with CBD significantly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort in their speech performance. By comparison, the placebo group presented higher anxiety, cognitive impairment, discomfort, and alert levels. These results are linked to CBD’s ability to act on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior.

Thanks to continued and credible research and development such as NCBI’s above, the natural treatment option of CBD for anxiety and depression is being further researched worldwide with continued positivity. Results from these studies suggest that CBD can in fact provide a safe, powerful natural treatment for anxiety. Here at ANTG, we are committed to supporting and contributing to the research and development in this space.

Stay tuned for more education on the lesser known uses of medicinal cannabis, we hope you gained value from reading this post. To keep up with our latest blogs and industry news, sign up to our newsletter below!



Disclaimer: Featured image is not a patient.


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